SAFFIRE Terms of Use

You will need to accept each of these terms on the sign up page to take part.

  • I declare that I am 18 or older. If I am a parent or legal guardian of a child who is under 18 participating in the Project, I need to accept these terms and conditions on the Young Contributor’s behalf after reviewing them together.
  • I give consent for any information entered into the app to be used in any research outputs from this project. All personal data will be kept confidential and your data anonymous unless you explicitly consent to include your name and / or photograph. In this case your audio recordings will not be publicly linked to this information.
  • I understand that if I provide my name and / or a photograph within the app they can be used by the BBC and University of York and may be shown at the Centenary Concert at the Barbican, included in any uploads of this concert online and in media associated with the project. The name and photograph will not be linked in any outputs. If you choose not to provide this information in the app then you are still able to take part.
  • I consent to my voice being recorded during the event, and that the recording made during the session may be edited and published as part of a performance at the BBC Centenary Concert if I agree to upload it at the end of the session. This may be made publicly available following the concert.
  • I understand that it is possible to withdraw consent during the event by closing the app. Any data entered into the app up to this point may be used.
  • If I have any questions or concerns about the research, I know I can contact at the School of Physics, Engineering & Technology at the University of York.